Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Planing for future

Not a total planning but it's just some thoughts.

I slept at 2am yesterday. The super bad news was... My sis accidentally went to lock the room. $%&$%^#%&# Bloody hell, I can't get into the room and sleep. The matter was later solved.

Now I came to think about it... I think I really want to 'divorce' with her!!!! I want my own personal space too.

If I shifted to another room
+ I will miss all my 'stars' and 'hanging thingy' in my room. *sob*
+ I will miss my 'moon light'.
+ My Winnie the pooh glow in the dark thingy!

Aww... I'm the one who decor the whole room >.<

My imagine new room
+ A combine of kiddy and football stuffs!
+ A PC of my own!
+ A new chance to re-decor
+ I shall not move those 'glow in the dark' thingy but I'm giving a second thoughts about the 'hanging thingy'. LOL

Things that need to but (may or may not)
+ Drapes... A much simple one.
+ Hanging decor to seperate the differ zones. (Is my room that big? LOL)
+ New wardrobe

My mind is set. I will do it after she get herself a new laptop. I can't think about it anymore...


Greeny show me this:
"mingni, if there's any chance that you're reading this, i want you to know, i miss you. and im sorry, it i've did anything that have upset u"

I was like huh? Who the hell said this? SPY? Can't be... Then Grassy told me that it's Linghui... She wrote it in her blog...

watched World Cup 2006 with weiliang,zhengxuan and cedric at west coast park mac.

i still remember those days where mingni and i were still good friends.
how she would show me photos of Italian men.
waking up early in the morning,talking on phone with her catching the Euro cup before going to school.

mingni,if there's any chance that you're reading this.
i want you to know,i miss you.
and im sorry,if i've did anything that have upset u..

I suddenly just burst out crying after reading it. Why only now than you said it? In my mind, I was like you will always be thinking that everyone else is wrong except you. I just never thought that... *sigh*

I remember 1 year ago, I posted a similar entry.


I love the time when she wakes up in the middle of the night to watch football’s match with me. Who the fuck will do this? She called me and we chat about what was going on during the football match. If my memory is working this time, I think it was the match between, Holland and Portugal. It must be Holland’s match because I remembered her telling every guy in my class that I love Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s hair! Although that isn’t true, heck that wasn’t important at that point of time.

Oh man! It's time to find her to talk....?

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