Saturday, July 1, 2006

If only time could just stop

Thursday...Hm.... what about Thursday?

I was late for the monsters' date. Everyone was waiting for me at ermm... Outside Seoul Garden... I don't wanna eat that because I will die if I did.

Grassy looks so tired and so I was feeling weird... but still managed to disturb her and passed her the pencil case. ARGH. The food made me puke! Not that it's awful... It's just that my tummy can't take it anymore. It was really a boring day... and HT was so emotional... She talked and talked to me about she and yea, that guy... -_- Look at the brighter side ba, girl...

Friday so like so exciting?? LOL. CAMPING AT GRASSY HOUSE!

I reached Grassy's house at 4 plus and blah blah.. My battery died on me and so I forgot what's her unit number. Darn! Well, I never can remember my friend's hp number so let's don't even talk about the unit number. The malay security really like so... sucks... $%#$^#%^#$ The chinese guy was better....

I saw Grassy's face was like so 'sianz' then I was like so 'sianz' also... Then she didn't really entertain me so I didn't too. These few days... I always wake up too early. Argh.. It sucks. I went to her room to charge my hp and yea.. because I wanted to call my sis and scold her =x I was so like darn angry... but then forget it.. it wasn't her fault.. Then spy called me and so I was like walking around....I was like no mood and bored until the cake came to my mouth.

Then I was like stucked on Grassy's computer and busy stealing her mp3s. My mood hasn't really got back so I just didn't wish to talk...

Blah.. then later we decide to go and eat "Da Chang Jin". Didn't really wish to eat because im HOT! I mean I'm already quite heaty... But well since Grassy wanted to eat and so I was like..."ok, eat lor."

While eating, I was like busy looking at other tables..there was this China woman entertaining a fat fat guy. Haha. From one look, I know she doesn't really like it but well.. she still do it because it's her JOB! Muahaha! There was another example just right infront of them. I don't know why but I'm just so amused. The food wasn't that good...Eww... and that dumb oil dripped on my feet.... No next time.

On the way back... Spy and I were like talking about the 'turkey', 'oven', 'roasting' and whatever. So darn stupid. Haha.

Talking session~ I wasn't much involved because I don't feel like talking and I'm so bored... I'm like thinking... "Eeeeee papa mama never call me?" LOL. So I decide to go and bathe because I'm so stickkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

When I'm out, they were still talking and I'm like.. I have already hear the same story... So it means me so bored.

Then it was Spy's turn to bathe... Grassy said, 'I don't want to talk to you'... *sob* She only want Spy aunty. Then I'm like tinking...'Ok lor.. I don't feel like talking also.' -_-

I sat at balcony alone and listened to the radio... That was already like so enjoying life already. A moment of being alone was great too... When Spy was out, she joined Grassy in the room then after that she came to me and talk talk talk which I can't remember we were talking about... Then Grassy came to join us.

Talking session again ~ This time I did join in more... Blah... My story is ever like so boring... Old time story was like I wanna kill everyone. Haha. At the same time I was like keep looking at the clock to remind Grassy that it was time to bathe!

2am plus we headed down to Mac to watch Italy Vs Ukraine! I was made to drink the bitter coffee. *sob* It was so awful that I keep drinking it to make sure I finished it.

Italy won 3-0! Toni finally scored!! I'm happy for him but hmmmm Gila didn't get to play. Wao kao.. you good.. like that throw my thing. Imagine I'm the one throwing your gar..... But you know I have never been mad with my friends because it's silly to do so. So just heck.

Then we had our breakfast....Playing boggle when I'm already half dead... well well...I'm still the top scorer even though I'm so tired. I'm so proud of myself!!!!!!!! LOL.

Blah blah we did mask and I nearly fell asleep... At the same time we took many silly photos. HAHA. Then nothing much to do already because Spy aunty has to go to work soon.

Time passed so fast... the day has ended and I guess everyone was happy and maybe... Grassy! When we will go there sleep again? LOL.

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