Friday, July 14, 2006

Dream oh dream...

I'm so fond of giving people the wrong information and then realize my silly mistakes after that. *faint* Do you have a cure for that? Haha.

I'm like a silly kid this morning. I knew it was raining very heavily, I opened my eyes and saw my sister drying her hair. I was puzzled. Inside me, I was wondering, why is she here and so I asked her what is the day of today because I thought it is Saturday. She replied me, "Friday." Then I was like, "Oooo...". I reached out for he teddy bear, grabbed it, covered myself with the blanket and mumbled, "very cold, very cold" to myself. When I think back, it just seem to silly to me. Lol.

I was damn tired when I woke up at around 12:15pm. I remembered I have a bad dream last night. It goes like this...

I was packing my room and ready to move in to my new room. I went to clear my cupboard and I found out that my series of 'Jin Tian Yi' comics were missing. Later then I find out that it's my sister who lend it to some anonymous from Malaysia and the person has already left Singapore. All sort of nonsense... I only remembered that I cried very badly because thinking back, each comic book cost me at $7.30 (if I'm not wrong). To a little kid at primary school, $7.30 is alot! Unlike kids these days. Lol.

This dream, just remind me of last time when she lend a CD-Rom to her so-called bestfriend. After I found out that CD-Rom was missing, the first thing I did was to ask my sis and then scolded her. After some days, she told me what her friend said...."You want it back? Come my house and search. I don't know where I have put it." I was like so furious. I looked at my sis and told her like a thousand millon times not to lend anything to anyone again. All her friends are like big time mother fucker. That's also the reason why, right now she doesn't has any single ex schools friends to contact. She used to envy me because I always got my close friends with me. *sigh*

I kinda hate it right now, since Monday, I have not eaten a single dinner with her. I was at Jurong Point yesterday and I called her to ask if she wants to have our dinner at Jurong Point. Blah blah... She was booked. Ok, bye bye. I was very pissed off because she didn't even has the cheek to call me before hand that she is not going to eat dinner with me. To tell you the truth, I only ate ONE MEAL yesterday! I ate at around 9:30am, afternoon I ate bread and some nonsense and at night I ate carbon dioxide.

I came to realize this point, erm well.. This only apply on some people... OK, let's just say it's my sister and I. LOL.

If you are always lonely without any bestfriend, when you got a boyfriend, he will become your everything. If you have bestfriends around you all the time, when you got a boyfriend, he will become part of the one big happy family along with those bestfriends. It is not to the extreme that you really need to see him everyday.

I believe that everyone need their own space and time. Even that day you don't get to see him or her, you can always seek the opportunity to miss him or her for awhile. I guess this is sweeter than seeing him everyday. *faint* Oh shit. I said this and it just remind me of someone. I shall not say who is it. Lol.

I just smsed her yesterday that its been a long time since we have a good chat. She so agree with me and said one day we should find a day to chat. Well, let's just wait. At least I bother to sms her. Ahhhh... *faint* At least I still got the heart to do so and to think.

Seriously, I think I'm happy for her. Well, I'm more worry of that guy. My dad was like keep pacing up and down my room and saying things like...

"He is a Malaysia and so he doesn't has a house in Singapore."
"Does he has any friends here? Why is it like every night, he needs to meet your sis."
"He has no home here, he got nothing to do, wait he always asks your sis out."
"If he is that kind of person who always sticks with your sis, it will be very bad."
"Maybe he will be those can't-let-go type of guy."

Lol. I guess this is just every parent's worries.

I'm so glad that since young I never really have to let them worry about anything because I'm always the smarter and the know-how-to-think type of person compare to my sis. I always can assure them with the things that I did. They always worry about my sis since young and until now. They only worry about me if I come home too late. LOL.

Mama is going to book the trip to Genting tomorrow too. Great things ahead of me =D

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