Monday, December 26, 2005

Nothing...Really nothing!!

You know I have not been blogging because of blah..."It's a same old, same old situation...." LOL! Well....If you are interested about what have been happening around me.... Let me tell you.... THERE ISN'T ANYTHING.... AND I'M TELLING THE TRUTH...Hmmmm...well on the 18th Dec, I went to JB... That's all! LOL! Tell you something else that's more interested... this guy call, Leng Keong, he really suck big time. He thinks he is whatever but lemme tell you... YOU CAN NEVER CLIMB OVER MY TOP. In the end...You are the one crawling to me and said, "Sorry". This bastard, every SMS he started with this word, "WTF!" If you like to fuck so much... your mum is a good one to fuck with. When it come to scolding vulgarities, I am always the winner. Oh whatever! I'm not angry and since he had apologized....Muahahahaha. Im fine with it. *ahem* I am a good girl. I won't scold anyone unnecessary. =)

Well, wanna know what I got for this Christmas? I'm proud enough to let you guys know... Haha =p

'Tommy Lee Goes To College' DVD from Erika.

Totti & Pirlo's badges from Claire.

Lalalala...This is from SPY!

Grace!! What's this? "Woof! Woof!" Haha. I bought this for my sister.

I asked my sister for the Addidas bag that I like but it was sold out! *sob* Well, she bought the Winnie the Pooh Year 2006 Calendar for me instead. Hehe!

The turkey I have for yesterday! Er... The picture don' tlike appealing. LOL!

Last night... I mean MIDNIGHT... I was too bored and so I rearrange my study room's wall. I removed my notice board and now it looks like this....

Nothing much. *yawn*

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