Monday, December 5, 2005

Never gone!

Weeeee! Presentation is over. Fuck that bloody hell lecturers. Whatever!

I GOT 2 TICKETS TO BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!! It's a dream come true for me!! I have been waiting for like 9 years !!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! In case you don't know Im a huge fan of them, you should read this. I start listening to their songs when I was like.... Primary 2 or??? I still remember that time when everyone was singing "Get down, get down and move it all around...." LOL! WEEE! I'm going to see Nick and gang!!! All thanks to my sis for paying for the tickets!

About 4 years ago I was dreaming about seeing them in concert so I did this banner! Oh man! When I took it out again... it's still new!!!! When I go for their concert next year, I will most likely to do a new one.... Er.... I'm too shy to use this banner. LOL. Lalala! Im a happy but school still sucks! I can't wait for Xmas!

Hmm.... I doubt Motley Crue will ever come.

Grace! You're dead!
SPY! Sms me french to me the next time.
HT! Any new boys?

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