Saturday, December 3, 2005

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l I just watched Harry Potter with my sista!!! In order to prevent leaking out any spoiler, I'd just said it was a fantastic movie. Hehe! If not for Grace, I guess I'd have watch it with my Monsters. It's so strange that Grace doesn't like to watch Harry Potter. LOL. =x

Anyway, about my Thursday presentation... It was... The individual presentation was okay for me and L but NOT for C! For fucking sake, SHE JUST CAN'T DO ANYTHING! NOT EVEN DOING A SIMPLE PRESENTATION! I have the strong feeling that her presentation was going to pull down my marks. ARGH! The story telling part was okay...Then came the 'game' part..........Read on.

HELLO PEOPLE....You don't to know the details but here are some of the fucking comments gave by the 2 lecturers when they were assessing my group and the other groups' game.

"5-6 years old children will not know how to play games with rules"

"Take away the dice, they (5-6years old) might not understand the numbers."

"Playground is too complex for the kindergarten."

"Kindergarten children still don't understand the concept of timing."

FOR FUCK SAKE IF DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE CHILDREN OK? You mean they don't know what is number 1 to 6???? You think they don't know what is playground??? Okay.... Maybe these 2 lecturers' children are REALLY dumb or with special needs. Argh! I guess I need to calm down....

Hm.... Thank JIAJUN! Thanks for taking your free time to read my blog. LOL. Thanks for being the first to SMS to ask me if I'm okay. I'm okay now...1/2 free of sickness. I was too lazy to reply your SMS =p So pitiful eh...None of my Monsters actually bother about me...not until I tell them? Forget it. There won't be any "Free SMS hotline" anymore.

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