Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Everything came pouring when I'm sick

I'm down with flu, fever and sore throat and I STILL have to go to school. Normally, I'd have happily skip school!!!!! This time round is different. I have to go back to school to complete the group work project!! I still have to go to school tomorrow because tomorrow is the presentation! ARGH!! Bloody hell! Why do I have to be sick at this period of time when I need my energy the most!!

So frustrated with one of my group member! It's fine that she is not going to contribute anything but she kept asking stupid questions. Does she even know what we are doing? That day we were supposed to go to National library together but she went home instead. She ALWAYS doesn't have the time. She is just waiting for our instructions!!! ACK!!!

The worst has yet to come...... SHE IS GOING TO BE IN THE SAME GROUP AS ME FOR THE NEXT GROUP ASSIGNMENT. My lecturer is so FUCKING STUPID. She asked the class this question:"Are you all happy with your previous group and wish to continue to stay in the same group? If so please put up your hand." For fuck sake! This is such a stupid question!!! If I'm not happy, can I really said it???? How would the person look at me the next time. You know, I don't want to make enemy. Anyway, I don't even have a choice because the are fucking happy with their group members.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That day when we have not even decide our group members, the rest have already did. Then class leader asked us:" Is it ok to let C join you 2?" STUPID!! Can we really say NO!? NO RIGHT?! STUPID! It's like as if we still have a choice.

I didn't talk much to anyone yesterday because I'm like....hating everyone who sits on the right side of the class.... ARGH! ARGHHHH!! When I reached home I still have to draw those cartoon animals...Im not feeling well!!! But I still have to do it!!! I'm dying soon! I almost can't take it but I just have to hang on to it.

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