Thursday, November 17, 2005

I prefer to be a loner than teamwork.

I'm so freaking tired! Not physically but mentally! I'm kinda stress up with all the assignments that I have to hand in. Argh! I make a mistake for my previous assignment!! All I can hope for is teacher's mercy. *sigh*

The few days, the module with Reggina was slightly more interesting than the rest. I only like the day (Tuesday) when we have to show how we going to teach the children a rhyme or story.

Before I go on to say, I just have to sigh again. Those people are so bad! They pushed the one and only unwanted member to me and L. That unwanted member didn't really help or contribute anything! Oh! Another sad case. Okay, back to what I said just now... L picked a rhyme that was related to football. Hohoho! Just right for me then I actually came up with something else. I told my members that L will rap the rhyme while the others clap to the beat of the song We will rock you. I don't know why I just find it funny. I'm like bringing rock to the children. Hahaha.

Whatever it is, when I think back right now, I felt it's quite inappropriate for the children. LOL! Never mind. I am just so not creative at certain things. by the way, I just wanna sigh again. I can get along well with L & E but they are the ones that are not going to be in the same class for some of the other modules. I CAN get along well with the others too but well... NOT really CAN get along SO well after all. Sometime I just prefer to be a loner.

Anyway,, I finally meet my Monsters Association members yesterday! It has been like so long that I have never seen them. Haha. I'm so sorry SPY, I didn't know why I told L that you are from Singapore Poly. The worst part was that I can't even remember what course she is taking. I must be out of my mind. Perhaps, I am just too tired.

No mood to put any pictures. lol.

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