Monday, October 3, 2005

Shout at the devil!

mood | tired

Today was a tiring day! Not only because I went out the whole afternoon with my fellow monsters, it is also because I slept late last night =p Wooo! It was helluva fun today! But still *yawn* I am tired.

On my way home, SPY complaint to me again about her lousy friend. The more we talk about it the more I think that her lousy friend has the SAME kind of character as the friend that I know from my school. Ain't we pitiful? We have to face this hypocrites or to say it in a more simple word, FAKER whenever we have to go to school. ARGH! We're the angels and they are the devil. We shall eliminate them all! I just have to endure for maybe another 2 more months? She shall perish from my sight one day.

Very often a Chinese likes to say "Woman changes their heart very easily" (Don't know if this is the best translation. LOL.) I always believe that and right now I still do but I just have the belief that THAT phrase DOES NOT apply on me. Maybe "Woman changes their mind easily" suits me better. LOL!

Hm... SPY once told me that she thought of not getting married when she grow up. I have the same idea but IF I really find someone good, I don't mind getting married. LOL! It's rather useless to just prey on those rich guys eh? LOL. If I'm really that kind of person who prey on guy's cash then I should have already been with someone I met while I'm working during the holidays. LOL!

Found this awesome image of Robbie Savage!

Well, Ang Moh is still better. LOL!

[sigh] I have been so drifted from my beloved Serie A. Stupid Starhub! [/sigh]

Motley Crue | Too fast for love

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