Friday, December 22, 2017

Welcome Baby Kristoff to the world!

"Giving birth is easy", said no one ever. Lol!

I'm pretty surprise when my gynae and nurses told me that I'm very to give birth to the baby. Normally, pregnant took around 8-12 hours (or maybe more) to give birth when they starts to feel the contraction. As for me, I think it took me about 5 hours (counting from the time when I'm in the labour room).

Haha! Apparently my hubby is the one giving birth =P 

I was pushed to the labour room early in the morning. My gynae, Dr Tan, came around 2 hours later to check on me. I told him that I hope to quickly give birth so I don't have to keep waiting and feel the pain of the contraction (the pain was still minor). When he checked, the opening of the cervix is only 2cm diluted. He said he will come back about 4-5 hours later. 

Shortly after he left, I suddenly felt the super duper painful contraction! I thought I have the capability to endure and can do it without the epidural. I tried to endure twice. I almost felt like dying! Haha! That pain is taking 90% of my energy away. My hubby kept asking me if I want to take the epidural, it took me another few minutes before I agree. 

The epidural really works like a magic! It was almost painless when the doctor "poke" the needle. Within minutes the pain was gone. I can finally start smiling again. Hahaha! The nurse then came and check on me again. To her surprised, she said my cervix opening was already 8cm diluted! From the time that my gynae came to the dilation of 8cm,  it was like only 2 hours. 

After awhile, I could already got the "passing of motion" feeling. The nurse told me that means the baby was ready to come out! They then quickly prepared the stuff for labour and called the doctor back. 

The whole pushing thing didn't event last for more than an hour and my baby was out! Though its less than an hour, it almost felt like forever as its so hard to push!! 

Dr Tan told me that I got what I wanted - Fast delivery. Lol! Well, maybe baby heard what I said. 

I guess Kristoff is same as "kan cheong" as mummy. Haha!
Weee! My cute little baby Kristoff! 

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