Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 1 - 4: My first trip to Philippines - Cebu

I am very excited about this trip as it's gonna be a long 2 weeks trip andI know absolutely nothing about Cebu. Hehe! Its my bf who keep on telling me that I should go there and have an eye-opening experience. The best thing is... Its the first time that I don't have to plan anything when going for a trip! =D

At first I was pretty sceptical about going to anywhere in Philippines as the news always have something bad to report about Philippines - Terrorist, robbery etc. Even my parent is very worried about me going there (even thou baby is going with me). Hehe. I guess, alot of people has stereotype Philippines in a wrong way.

The moment I reached Cebu, there was REALLY nothing much to be worried about. Yes, you may still need to be careful with your belongings it is not as scary as you think it is. Cebu is a city that has huge shopping malls, supermarket and etc. It look pretty safe to me.... and everything is cheap! Haha!

Alright, so heres my adventure to Cebu...

Day  1 - SM Mall! 
Nothing much as the time we reached Cebu its already 5pm. Hehe. So we stop over at SM mall and have some Dim Sum to fill up our tummy.

Our dinner for that day

Day 2 - Attending a church wedding
We went to baby's auntie church wedding and went for lunch afterwards. Its my first time going for a church wedding. Hehe. I get to see the things they do. I heard that this is already a simplified version. The actual one will take HOURS.... =O  

Lunch time at Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant! The food there is nice but.... the only thing is that there is alot of flies! The waiter and waitress have to keep on fanning them away until I find it so hilarious and have to video it down =P 

Sa Baybayon, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

Watch how the staff there have to keep on fanning to keep the flies away. Hehe! 

After lunch, we went to Mountain Top. (I wonder why there isn't a special name for this place.) The view is really beautiful. 

Day 3 - Rest and relax day. 
We just went to his relative place, shopping and EATTTTT! First stop... We went to uncle Steve's house to check out the status of the renovation. Then we went to the place where my bf 's aunt stay. It is a nice place... Its like a house where I used to dream to have... I know I can never own a house with 2 storey in Singapore because its wayyyyy too expensive! Now, at least I know where I can go. Hahaha!!!

My bf asked his cousin to speak a few words of mandarin to me but she is not very fluent. Still, good effort! Haha! Better than my bf... Chinese but can't speak mandarin =P Okay, at least he can speak fluent English and his own dialect. Haha!

Baby's relative from his Dad's side. The aunt keep on telling me to find a bf for her daughter. Haha! 

Im always amazed about their set lunch - Every meal MUST HAVE RICE even when theres already noodle. 

Complete the steady hand and win a pen. Haha.  

Dinner time @ Ayala Mall! The food was really yummy =D

We bought a couple tee. Hehe! 

Day 4 - Chinese Taoist Temple 
Took tons of pictures. All thanks to the one and only selfie stick. Haha!

Their local dishes looks like Singapore "Cai Fan" except that here is no "Cai" (veggies). Haha! 

Baby's very cute parent. 

Wacky pose! 

Back to Ayala mall for dinner ^_^ 
"Take enough photos already hor!" 

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