Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cafe Hopping ~ Carpenter & Cook

I met Hwee Sian last Thurs! The moment she hopped into my car, she passed me a list of cafes to go. Lol! I was looking at those which are nearer to Jurong area but all the road name looked so "alien" to me. Haha! So I asked her which cafe she feels like going to the most and she picked, 'Cook and Carpenter' because of the vintage theme. =)

The tall girl and me ~ 

The interior

More vintage items

Some of the display items on our dinning table.

Our deserts! Basically, we are just trying to try as many as possible. LOL!

#selfie before we leave the place
Overall, the deserts are nice and nice atmosphere but I dont really like the lady at the counter. She looks very unfriendly and dont really bother about us. Oh well, at least we are happy. I cant wait for the next meet up!

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