Sunday, April 1, 2012

A trip to Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (PART 1)

I went Vietnam 26th March with my family =) I saw the ticket which was selling at $65 per pax on Groupon so I just bought it without thinking if it is cheap or no. Anyway, it is selling on Groupon so it should be cheap right? LOL!

Taking our flight to Ho Chi Minh

When we reach Vietnam...

We took a cab to our hotel. Their cab is really new looking! 

Mifuki Hotel 

The bed is kinda huge. Big enough for 3 person to sleep. 
The moment I saw this, I wonder if this is a norm in all Vietnam hotel or because this is a 'La Sap' hotel -_-

Resting area.

The toilet is not very big but its ok. 

My mum was famished so we basiccally just went into any place that offers food. Lol.

My dad busy taking pictures. 

Anyone what is written here? haha. 

People sitting by the street. Seriously, I dare not try the streets food =(

Children playing by the road side. Seriously, not dangerous meh?

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Roadside vegetable stall 

Basically, their car just drove anywhere they like. 

Night snacks 


I shall continue part 2 tomorrow =)

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Soh Hong Wei said...

Looks fun!
Waiting for part II.


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