Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 is leaving us soon...

Im abit too late to post any Xmas stuff so I should start talking about 2012. Hehe! Anyway, 2011 is ending soon! Woohoo! I didn't have a fantastic 2011 but I am very happy to know a few new genuine friends. Although they didn't play a major role in my life, I wanna thank them for entering my life and make my life a little more livelier and happier! Especially Melanie! Thank for you for being such a awesome friend of my mine. Thanks for hearing all my problems and make me LOL all the time. <3 

Chao mel mel & me =D

Here are my 2012 to do list:

1) Go to a country that will snow so I will get to wear my winter clothing =p
2) Im going Vietnam! Bought from Groupon hehe but not yet book to go on which date.
3) Don't fail any of my exam. Wahaha! Retaking exam will be a damn waste of money.
4) Sleep early and eat lesser. I know I wrote this every end of the year but ... I am still gaining weight every year *sob* 
5) Be happier! This is tough, no matter how happy I am there is always someone out there who try to make me cry. 
6) Spend more time with my parent. Bring there to different places to eat and enjoy themselves. 
7) Maintain a good friendship with whoever worth my time. 
8) Go on a holiday with friend or friends! 
9) SPEND MORE MONEY ON MYSELF instead of others. LOL! 

I guess that is all for now! 

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