Monday, August 29, 2011


For anyone who doesn't know who is he, he Italy ex captain and 2006 world player of the year! In case you didn't know, I AM A FREAKING HUGE FAN OF THE ITALY FOOTBALL TEAM! In the past, I used to blog alot on football! My passion didn't dies off, it's just that I have blog alot lesser about it these days.

Anyway, whatever it is I finally get to meet my favourite player!!! I am so freaking excited when my sis first told me about Cannavaro coming to Singapore!! It is like a total dream come true for me as I have always wish to go to Italy to watch my favourite players plays. Now, I don't even have to travel all the way there, he has come to Singapore!!

Alright now let me get into more details about it. Starting I only know that he will be at Bugis Junction for phototaking and autograph  session but later I found out on facebook that he will also be at this Italian restaurant called, Al Forno. The best thing is that if you spent $60++ you get to lunch with him, get multiple photos with him and get multiple of his signature. Lol! At first I was rather reluctant because I gotta spend the $60! It was actually my bf who encourage to spend that money and he said he will sponsor me half of the total. So wonderful of him. I really must thank him because I NEVER REGRET SPENDING THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY!

So I quickly called up the restaurant at book a table for 2... Im not goin with my bf because he has zero interest in football, I went with my sis =D So on Saturday, we took a cab and go all the way from west side to the east, just for Fabio Cannavaro!

My name on the reserved table. 

They actually spelt my name wrongly, it is supposed to be Kristin but it kinda grow on me and I seems to prefer Kristin with an E. Haha! I pretty glad that they didn't spell it as Christine. I hate people spelling my name starting with the letter C! Oh anyway, we ordered our food and wait patiently for my dear Fabio to arrive. Seriously, the waiting period was totally killing me because I was so feaking out! Haha! Plus, the place was filled with Italians! I think about 80% of them are Italians!

Fabio arrived roughly at 1:15pm, I was so sooooo freaking exciting the moment he stepped in and there were 1 group of people starting singing and cheering. The feeling of seeing him really makes my heart explode. Lol! I couldn't take any decent pictures of him because my hand was SHAKING SO BADLY! He walked round every tables and shake our hands. He really look awesome and CUTE in real life! Not just in photos! Lol! I was so star-struck! He looks totally genuine and down to earth. I love his smile the most!

After that, I supposed he should be sitting down and enjoy his lunch but fans keep going up to him to take photographs and autographs so we left our seat and join in the crowd. Hehe!

Pictures taken at 2 different timing.
I was kinda sad at first because he was quite distracted with all the cameras and people around him. I took 2 pictures with him and both he wasn't looking at the camera =( However, later I realised that this does not only happen to me =p Lucky to those who manage to make him look right into their camera.

This is where he be seated.

Take note of the sunglass and phone. Haha! He is using blackberry torch! Either he is also a blackberry fan or perhaps this phone is given to him by the company O_O Also, I love his sunglass! I suspecting that's a Armiani's sunglass.  

When the event started, the host did a short introduction and Fabio get to speak too. Unfortunately, I don't understand Italian =( Nonetheless, I have it recorded down.

Non stop taking photos of him
Some people took TONS of pictures with him. Let me repeat TONS! Lol! I am not greedy, I only took 2 pictures with him and that already make me a very happy girl!

The way he scratched his head is so cute! Lol! 
 The place where I was seated was directly facing him! Even though my table was not next to him but at least whenever I looked up, he was "looking" at me. Lol!

Some random Italian lady went up to him for an autograph.

Fabio alone. Finally getting some rest from all the fans. 
When it was about time for him to leave the restaurant, the crowd kept going up to him for photograph and autograph. I think he must be damn tired. Not tired of signing but he looks quite tired that day. Probably, his schedule very packed. Sometimes I just feel that the fans should give him a little break so that he can go off earlier BUT... you see... This might be the only chance for people like us to see him in real life size! It will be damn hard to just let him go like that. Haha!

The welcome banner for Fabio!
The sentence, "lets go have some Durians!!" is totally hilarious! This guy really make an effort and money to do this banner for him. He brought it to the airport when he just arrived, he brought it to this restaurant, he brought it to the location where the Starhub people interviewed Fabio. Super thumbs up to this guy called, Nigel!

Before Fabio left this place, me and my sister stepped out of restaurant as I was kinda like feeling suffocated with the people crowding around him. Plus I was too short to see anything =( While I was taking a peep of what the fans and Fabio were doing from outside, there was this Italian dude who came up to me and asked me if I want to take picture of Fabio. I was sort of taken aback. He just took the camera from my hand and passed his cigarettes to me to hold. He went back into the restaurant, signalled at Fabio to look at his camera and took his picture. Guess what...................

OMG WTF! He took the best picture ever for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank him and when I saw the picture he took, I THANK HIM AGAIN! Woot!~ I was so happy! I didn't really take a good picture of him probably because I am too anxious and have forgotten about what is ZOOM! The best part was, HE IS LOOKING AT MY CAMERA AND SMILING! OMG!! A super huge thanks to this dude called, Daniele! He totally make my day ever better!

Fabio leaving the place smiling happily. 

Sometimes I feel like an idiot because... Why I never stand infront of him so I can take his front view! Duh!
Anyway, I totally enjoyed my day that afternoon. It is one of the best day of my life! He ranked 3rd in my top 5 favourite footballer. I wonder if someday I get to see Pirlo, I will probably die of happiness. LOL!

It was totally a dream come true for me, I have been dreaming about this day and it has finally arrived. The first time I saw him played I think that was about 9 years ago when he was playing for Italy in the 2002 world cup. That was also the time I started to take notice of the Italian team. Before that I was sort of like rooting for the Holland team because Holland is the only team I ever watch when I was even younger. Haha! Cannavaro is really a solid defender and I really miss the trio at the back of Italy's defender - Cannavaro, Nesta and Maldini. Anyway, he has retired as a footballer. I hope that someday he will be coaching for the Italy national team =D

At this timing, I think he is or maybe he already is on the plane flying back to wherever he came from. Thank you Fabio for coming to Singapore and thanks to whoever that organise this! I love you! HAHA!


hmwoes said...

That's a really great picture, you're so lucky to meet your fave player!

Soh Hong Wei said...

So full of envy!

Zazabong said...

Not a fan of football but looks like you're lucky to meet him! :D

g.ta said...

OMG you lucky you!!
Have always been a fan of Italy Football team!!!

ladyviral said...

looks like you had a great day! don't worry about taking front views of im... look his side is good looking too :p.

TaMy said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!! =D

TaMy said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!! =D

Iriene said...

Fantastic & priceless moment :)

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