Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movie Reviews: Red *SPOILER*

Firstly, thanks to I got to watch this movie for free. I didn't really go read up what's the movie is all about so when I first see the movie title, Red, I thought it is gonna be a movie full of killing and bloody scene but I am wrong. Red actually stands for, Retired and Extremely Dangerous. Haha!

The movie begin with showing Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired CIA agent. When a squad of soldiers suddenly shows up in his apartment and trying to kill him, Moses is able to hold them off. After that scene, he immediately gets in touch with other retired agents to find out the reason behind this sudden attack. Along the way, he finally meets up with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a woman whom he only get to chat on the phone with, but hopes to date her.

Probably the only part which I don't really like is that the movie had postcard scene during the transitions, it may be good to let us know where the characters are at but I find it distracting. Do look out for this character MarvinOverall (John Malkovich), his role in the movie is really hilarious. Overall, its a great movie with a good mixture of action and comedy.

Do catch it if you have the time =)

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