Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 22nd birthday to me! =)

This is how I celebrate my birthday by eating and eating ><

Ice cream cake from Swensens!

Fortune Feast from KFC ~ Sponsored by me

Rite Pizza ~ Buy 1 get 1 free! Sponsored by my dear. First time trying this unknown pizza brand. Overall the taste is not bad. =)

Autumn classic pizza and Fortune pizza.

My birthday cake =D

My kuku sister ~

Looks like mama is more excited than me. Is it her birthday or mine? LOL

LOOK! My mama trying to blow my candles! But of cos in the end all candles are blown by me ~

Thanks to my wonderful family & my dear dear for making the 10th Feb a great day and even more memorable than my 21st =D


kenwooi said...

happy birthday =)

jfook said...

Happy birthday!!

Hpility said...

Happy Birthday to you :)

JarvisjerK said...

Happy Belated Birthday... That sure is a lot of food.

sirei said...

happy belated b'day to you~
and chinese new year to you too ^^

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