Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't drive illegally

Today lesson is quite fun, I'm quite ok with my speed adjustment, perhaps just need more practice and of cos further improvement is needed. Anyway, it's quite funny that the instructor asked me is it that I drive someone's car illegally. I told him no and he didn't believe me and asked again if I'm telling the truth. Haha. Can I say that is a compliment to me? He must be thinking that my driving is good =P

Oh the instructor also asked me if I have sister learning @ BBDC because he has taught somebody who looks like me. Haha. I then told him, "My face is very common so everybody look about the same." Wahahaha.

Nonetheless, I still gotta improve on my safety check! I seems to be either checking it too early or forget to check. Haha.

Jia you jia you!

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Sandra said...

I loved practicing driving at my driving school, but now I've had a driver's license for two and a half year so I'm not going there anymore of course.

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