Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home alone - Day 1

My whole family was out to Malaysia. I think they went I Ipoh and Penang? Lol. I can't even remember =P I was all alone at home after a day at home. Nothing much for me to do other than eat eat eat! So this is what I have cooked for myself for dinner.

The Mi Goreng flavour from Indofood is nice =D

Then I took out the sardines from my kitchen cabinet.

My instant noodle is ready!

OK time to cook some carrots with meatballs.

Tadaaaah! Isn't my dinner delicious? The ingredient is damn full till you can't see the noodle. Lol.


c0co said...

'm a big fans of instant mee and sardine too!!but then dun eat too much no good XD~*

kenwooi said...

wow.. looks really delicious =D

Esther said...

i was home alone 2 weeks ago.. i was stuck to maggie mee for the whole week... ok, i had instant udon as well.. kinda sticked to it after i burnt the instant pasta.. hehe.. have fun trying out new things while your parents aren't around.. hehe.. just don't burn anything.. =)

c0co said...

i did change my shampoo dear...i ady away from home 2 years minus those back-to-hometown days...i guess ate too much msg... T_T tats y i said too much instant me not good orhx...=.(~*

Mrs. Kolca said...

looks delish! i can eat that :D

hi there! just stumbled on your pink plaid blog..^^ btw, i'm inviting you to join my ♥My 1st Pink Giveaway♥.. it is open internationally.. cheers! :D

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