Friday, November 6, 2009

Accelerate....brake abit and turn

Time to talk about my driving again! Did I drive better this time round? Perhaps yes or maybe no. Well, I just take it as it's not easy to drive in circuit!! Just like what Grassy told me, it's not easy to maintain the speed at 20km/h and you need to brake and do the turning. Yes, I do agree do much! I quite sucks at the turning.

The instructor told me that I'm rather inconsistent in the turning. Sometimes I'm ok sometimes I turned too much and this is most likely due to me being too distracted by other cars. Lol! When I concentrate, look far (instead of just looking infront -___-) and slow down, my turning is fine! I just gotta be more consistentance! Oh ya! I felt that I handle the steering wheel in a strange manner. Hmmm...

Controlling of the speed I kinda suck at it. Not sure if it's because it's so hard to maintain the speed @ 20km/h or is it that my shoe suck. Hmmmm or did I not adjust my seats properly?

Anyway, while driving in the circuit, there was this motorist he drove half way he suddenly jump off his bike! I was like wow what happen... and my car almost go into another lane. Wahaha! Lucky my instructor quickily turn my steering wheel back. =X I'm such a dangerous driver!

I can't wait for the next lesson already!

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