Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some fierce conversation with Chipmunk.

Oh man! Alvin finally passed the photos to me!! He is like another forgetful old man.

I was suddenly being asked to take photos with them. Initially I didn't want to take because I just don't feel like it at that point of time!

The 3 girls featuring the jailbird!

Finally some decent shots...but it's like me and Alvin looks too "formal". Lol.


Anyway, I shall update some stuffs today. As usual, I am slacking away in office. Lunch time, Willy, Xinyi & Jack were not free so only left me and Alvin to go for lunch together. Maybe this is 上天的安排. I finally got the chance to enlighten him and make him wake up his fking ideas. Lol.

Starting of the meal was as usual, I suddenly got the feel of sharing my secondary school days stuff and I not sure why, I suddenly just touch on the topic about myself being usually, "happy on the outside, emo on the inside".

Then he suddenly said, "you that day cried ar?" I was like DUH who the hell tell him? Then he told me that Willy told him -_- Then yadaa yadaa... I don't want to go into details. Then I was like telling him, "No la, that time I was HUNGRY, TIRED and you all buay steady, 1 by 1 pang seh me, Ben & LK... When I ji dong, the way I speak, my voice will kinda like shiver so I will sound like I am crying. WTH I'm not crying lah. That's just the way I talk when I'm damn serious!! Once again, I didn't cry but indeed I was scolding him for being so fup that day." Phew! I am not crying .... 100% not crying -_-

Anyway, its show time! This triggered me to shoot him back thousand & million times. Here are the stuff I shoot at him... (Those questions are being summarized by me. Alvin answered are not included. Lol.)

- Are you a very reserved person? I already very comfortable telling my stuff to LK, Ben & Willy. As we are like good buddy, we share stuff with each other even we only like know each other for like 2-3months? But times isn't the main thing right? How about you? Still so mysterious. You have the aura to like asking people to keep away from you. Why? Not comfortable with us?
- You know we all treat it other like buddy, how about you? Buay steady?
- Just be honest, do you even treat us like buddy? Or just friend or just NORMAL friends? - Remember that time you said you fall asleep? Did you know we all so concern about you, we sms and called you and yet another day you just pretend as nothing ever happen. Have you spare a thought for the others?
- That day you didn't tell us you got something on and cant join us. Why only tell us when LK asked? So if LK never ask, you will never tell us? Why? Can't even bothered?
- You got tennis practice, you last minute then tell me? Is it fair to us? Why last minute then tell us again?
- We care for you... If we don't care for you, we won't even feel anything but WE DO FEEL SOMETHING. We were sad and disappointed.
- Remember that time, we all felt you have changed, we are concerned but don't know how to tell you so I decided to pick up the courage to sms you and asked. Indeed, you did reflect and change. Again, if we don't care, we wouldn't have feel anything for you.

That's about it. I think after the fierce conversation, he felt guilty and upset. I HEARD HIM SNIFFING AWAY!! LOL I think I can be a preacher, priest or consultant soon. My words are way too inspiring & touching! I think I have make 2-3 person cried or sniff this past 1-2 months. Whatever it is, my words are always from the bottom of my heart. So yea, they should felt guilty and CRY. Ok I'm kidding. At least I won't feel my efforts has gone down the drain. I just hope he know what I mean. WE MEANT SERIOUS BUDDY OK? Not chui kong lp song. Lol.

Anyway, I just copied and paste this from LK's blog:
"On the way home... kris called chatting abt her great accomplishment this afternoon... A fierce chat with Alvin during lunch... Yea... BAO DIAO LA! lolz... Finally he knows how we felt?! And ya how we treat everyone in this clique of frens and perhaps hope that he can reflect on his own how he really categories us as... BE himself... THE ALVIN LOH!!! Chipmuck's BAck in no time?? Spare us some quality time together... can?! LOL! Wake up! @_@"

Yea right, Jiao Jiao jie, I hope he wake up his fking idea. Alright, we are both Aquarian, so I kinda felt he was sincerely being guiltly ya? Perhaps, after that prank, he just felt insecure with us. Haha. Then that was not my fault!!! I wonder who started the prank? Hmmm.. Haha.

These days, office got more and more crazy stuff happening. Jackass really thought I am so simple, he think I believe his lies. Lol. He wants to frame people won't be that easy. He think he is smart? But I have just outsmart him! So I shall continue to act dumb.

Oh well, life have been so so. I am just trying to live like as normal from now onwards. Tata!

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