Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My blog is firefox unfriendly

I have edited the layout and making it more spacious! However, this time round, my blog decided to be firefox unfriendly. The footer appear to be right behind my blog entries if you are using firefox to view it. If you are using IE, then gratz, nothing is affecting you. Haha. Hopefully, I am smart enough to fix it. Also, oh yea 我可以写华语咯!太好了!

Anyway, I intend or try to complete/accomplish any of the following asap...

- Email my team members before this Friday!!!
- Add tag/labels to all entries
- Add in my movie reviews for 12 Lotus and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
- Get a temp job soon. Staying at home is getting bored!
- STOP LISTENING TO 如果我有一百万 (Hokkien). LOL. This song is damn nice

Oh, I realized that my comments, thoughts and whatever is getting lesser and lesser. I have make this blog looking like a photo log. So now I'm trying to make a little bit more effort here ya?

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