Saturday, October 6, 2007

What to look forward to?

Today is her last day of work in NSSG so I didn't expect her to do anything at all. Indeed, she didn't do anything so I did both the DA and daily sales report.

Now both most unwanted have already left. I wonder what else I am looking forward to. I might seem to be like a selfish and unfriendly person here but who will truly understand the whole situation?

Life seems to be getting 'sianer' at there. I'm not seeking this kind of job scope in the future so I'm already looking at something else.

Enough of WORK STUFFS! Right now, I'm more looking forward to some holidays trip to (maybe) Taiwan next year. However, there are still some problems here and there. I just hope everything will be okay ;)

1..2..3...I'm counting the number of schoolwork that I will need to complete. Ciao!

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